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Showing timetable amendments

In secondary education, the course timetable is an essential component of the smooth progress of a school day. Within the timetable, there are often changes to times and classrooms, often at the last minute. Often the person in charge of the timetable must make these changes known. In many schools, the amendments are publicised manually on either a noticeboard or a whiteboard. This is labour-intensive and the chance for errors when copying information is great.

This process can be fully automated within our TiC Narrow Casting software. Via a direct interface with the timetabling software (e.g. GpUntis/Zermelo/Magister) amendments can be displayed on the school screens just seconds after they have been entered in the system. The template in which to view these changes can be designed in your own house style.

Information on various screens can even be filtered if required. If a certain wing of the building only houses HAVO/VWO students, this means that timetable changes for the VMBO don’t need to be displayed there. Other examples are filtering for primary and secondary levels and teaching timetables. Changes to the next day’s timetable can be shown in a different colour.

All these application methods contribute to a provision of information within your school that is clear, adequate, time-saving and intuitive.

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