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Visualising bed occupancy and actual waiting times

In care institutions, apart from dynamic signage, there is often a demand for visualising bed occupancy and waiting times for clinics. The bed occupancy is important for the levels of nursing and any related planning. In outpatient clinics, it is important to provide waiting people about possible delays in a proactive manner. This way, the patient will know what is going on without having to approach the reception desk repeatedly to ask how much longer they need to wait.

TiC Narrow Casting contains the modules ‘bed occupancy’ and ‘waiting time indication’ and these are fully integrated within the software. The reception clerk only has to tick a certain waiting time category (for instance 30-45 minutes). The details will be entered automatically and shown on the screens. The template can be designed fully in your own house style. The same applies to the bed occupancy. Via the planning, the details are uploaded automatically and shown on ward screens for the nursing staff.


Applied at:

Tergooi Ziekenhuis Hilversum & Blaricum

AMC Amsterdam

UMC St. Radboud Nijmegen