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Automatically showing actual occupancy of meeting rooms

Within hotels and conference centres, it is often asked how the planning and use of conference rooms can be displayed on screens in an automated way. Often, an internal reservation system is in use in which bookings can be recorded right up to invoice level, but the system is not able to convert this information onto screens. As well as screens in the entrance or reception area that show a general overview, there is also a wish to have a smaller screen at the actual conference room that shows how the space is planned to be used on a particular day.

TiC Narrow Casting has automatic interfaces with among others Planon / IDPMS (Hotel Concepts), Nordined and Facilitor. If you amend anything in the room bookings, this can be shown immediately on the relevant screens, and you need take no further action. All planning overviews can be designed in beautiful templates in your house style.

Applied at:

Van der Valk Akersloot

Van der Valk Brugge

Park Plaza