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TiC Narrow Casting, the technique

The technical features of TiC Narrow Casting.

TiC Manager

The TiC Narrow Casting Manager is the heart of our software. This software application can run both within your network environment (TiC Narrow Casting Local) or be hosted externally (TiC Narrow Casting Online). from the Manager, you plan all content for the connected players at the screens. When the players have received new content, they will run this from then on from their stored memory. Because of this, the load on the network is kept to a minimum and the screens will continue to show content even if the network becomes interrupted. The manager environment can also be expanded in a modular way and can be completely managed regarding rights structure for users and allocated (sub) groups of screens.

TiC Player

manager player-01Manager player-01 For this, the software is installed on a stable industrial mini PC (the player). In reality, these players are the receivers to which you distribute the information from the Manager. They are usually placed close to or immediately behind the screen. As a rule, there will be one per screen, but it is possible to have multiple screens with the same content connected to one player.

For a complete solution, you will need our software licenses and TiC players (hardware). Would you like more technical information about our software and/or advice about the local (on-site) or online (off-site) solution? Then contact us.

Features software environment

  • Application can be run both onsite and offsite
  • Multi user environment, not dependent on place of work
  • Approachable via web portal, access via Citrix remote app (secure connection https)
  • Local cache on the players (prevents constant streaming between manager and players)
  • TiC Manager runs in a cache structure, continued back up of the environment
  • TiC players can cache locally via a so-called Push or Pull environment, this means that the player will always play the content locally