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TiC Narrow Casting, the software

The abbreviation TiC stands for Total Information Control. TiC Narrow Casting is a software solution that enables you to manage all communication that you wish to display on screens, in a simple and orderly manner. The following core words are central to our software.


If narrow casting software is complex and difficult to use, this way of communicating is bound to fail. Those who work with the software lose their enthusiasm, get frustrated and the screens will at some point “go black”. Recognisable, or something you have noticed somewhere? For this reason, ease of use is an absolute must in the (continued) development of our software. We feel able to state that if you can plan an appointment in your own diary system (for instance Microsoft Outlook), you can work intuitively, easily, and quickly with TiC Narrow Casting. Via a recognisable planning screen, you can easily plan, amend, and manage content. Where other software can spill over into (too) many options and possibilities, we have designed our system in such a way that you don’t have to reach for the manual or PDF file to quickly plan and publish content. For any future new updates, simplicity will also remain a key requirement.


You want your communication to be flexible. ‘Tailormade’ content for every target group, to achieve maximum returns from your communication efforts. Within TiC Narrow Casting, you can plan content and determine user access for every screen, sub group(s) and main group(s). TiC can be expanded modularly, is scalable, and can be managed by multiple users. Well-established organisations often have many traditions and ways of working that have served them well for many years but may make them less flexible in this age of digital communications. We are convinced that TiC Narrow Casting will give you every flexibility to take your first steps in this area.