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TiC Narrow Casting, the possibilities

TiC has many possibilities within it to introduce a fresh and innovative way of communicating and providing information inside your organisation.

Plannable content

  • Images and video
  • Data sheets (for instance Microsoft Excel)
  • Websites
  • Facebook, Twitter, and Yammer
  • Microsoft PowerPoint presentations
  • YouTube, Vimeo, NU24 and streaming channels
  • Weather, traffic, and public transport
  • RSS feeds
  • TV-images

Standard functionalities

  • Status check of connected player(s)
  • Tree structure of a number of players can de designed to suit
  • Live take-over of player(s) from your place of work
  • Plan and amend content for now, tomorrow, next week, or next year
  • Combine multiple playlists together or side by side
  • Tickertape per screen, subgroup(s) or main group(s)
  • User access levels with individual rights and group rights
  • Extensive management and control functions for the administrator
  • Template creator to enable design and amendment of templates in HTML5
  • Screens switch on and off automatically
  • Assign priorities in playlists
  • Digital number tracking system

Template ‘regular’

What is a template? A template, sometimes also called a stencil, is a sort of basic lay-out in which you place your content. Mostly, this template is designed in your own house style, to enhance the recognition and professionalism of your communications. The template has a predefined layout, with set compartments which will take set content (text, images, video, streaming etc.) If you want to have a different layout with different content, a separate “flash template” needs to be designed. The advantage of this is that it is very user-friendly. Everyone, even someone with the minimum of narrow casting knowledge, can fill a template. The disadvantage is, in particular for the more experienced user, that you are unable to change anything about the layout of the template and the form of the content. For those people, we have the ‘creator’ template available.

Template ‘creator’

The creator template gives you every freedom to develop your own template. From the house style, you yourself can amend logos, colours, fonts and backgrounds. Also, you can decide on content zones and animations. The “HTML5 templates” can be stored and edited in unlimited variations. This freedom does require you to have a little more knowledge of the software. Filling a predefined template will always be easier than having to create the template yourself first. We will, of course, advise and support you in your choice of all templates and their design.


The tickertape is a scroll bar, that can run along the screen independently of the content. The tickertape can be planned per group, sub group or individual screen. Height, speed, colour, position and font can be decided by you. The content of the tickertape can also be planned with a start and end date/time. Linking to RSS-feeds (for instance Nu.nl) or social media headlines of a Twitter/Facebook/Yammer account is also a possibility.

Repetition and patterns

If you want to show content during multiple days, weeks or months only on set days or just on the weekends, this can be easily realised with TiC Narrow Casting. It saves a huge amount of time and you will be sure your communications are not ‘out of date’.

User management

As part of TiC Narrow Casting, it is possible to set user rights. In this way, you can allocate each user their own planning or management rights. You can decide, for instance, on which screens planning can take place, priorities can be set or templates can be changed. This way you will avoid unpleasant surprises.

Basic content

With TiC Narrow Casting you can plan virtually all mainstream content. From PowerPoint presentations to video files and websites. from social and online media to streaming channels and from weather, traffic and public transport widgets to RSS feeds and TV-images. TiC Narrow Casting allows you to package your information and communication just the way you want.

Standard and tailormade links

Within TiC Narrow Casting, different tailormade options are available. From linking to database files to timetable software. From conference room reservations to vehicle planning software and from production overviews to customer systems. And many things that would have had to made to order in the past have been made standard by us for many interfaces with other software.

We have automatic interfaces with:

  • Timetable packages (e.g. GpUntis, Zermelo and Magister)
  • Conference room booking systems (e.g. Planon, Facilitor, IDPMS)
  • Microsoft Exchange (for the diary) and Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Excel and SQL. That is called the Query link. We can show data via queries from Microsoft Excel, SQL, MySQL and PostgreSQL.
  • Building management systems (e.g. Priva and HC)
  • Queue management with Qmatic, JCC or our own number tracking system
  • Waiting times and bed occupancy

We can also link to:

  • File level (xml, csv, txt, xls, xlsx)
  • MS SQL views (querying database)
  • JSON
  • SOAP web services
  • REST (API) web services

Our newest feature is the “priority break”. This functionality will interrupt the playlist through a touch of database input. In the event of calamities, a direct link to a different type of information provision is created. Important notifications replace the current playlist.