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TiC Narrow Casting, the customer process

A professional narrow casting solution from a reliable party
TiC Narrow Casting is distributed by audio-visual distributor Epatra B.V. They work in partnership with certified dealers who possess all the expertise and equipment needed to be able to offer you a professional narrow casting solution. If you are interested in TiC and if you are an IT, AV and/or office supply reseller, please contact them for more information.

The TiC Narrow Casting ‘customer process’ is made up from the following components:


Easy to use software that has been designed under own management. Not reliant on third parties for new functionalities or tailor made solutions. We decide, often together with our dealers and end users, what will be featured in a new software release and which tailored solutions we develop. You will be able to contribute to the possibilities for your own narrow casting environment.


Our dealers carry a wide range of energy efficient LED screens, kiosks, fixing systems, and cabling. We ourselves have a professional, powerful PC in our product selection. We only supply A rated brands to guarantee optimal quality and service. The equipment has proven to be equal to 24/7 usage if necessary. Which is useful, if you want to get the most from your narrow casting system.


Our sales and technical advisors have years of experience of our solutions and the narrow casting market. They will accompany our dealer to your location to discuss your requirements and to provide you with the right advice. They will think along with you about how to utilise your future narrow casting system in the most efficient and functional manner. This way, you can be sure you get a ‘tailor-made’ solution.

Installation and training

Certified fitters make sure that all hardware is installed properly. No loose hanging cables or badly fitted player PCs. The attention value of your communications must be good from the start. The software consultant will implement the software, in consultation with your IT person, on your server, and make sure it is ready for your use. For TiC Narrow Casting Online, the platform with all its settings for users and screens will be completely prepared remotely. To round off your order, an experienced trainer will come to give solid user training, to ensure that those people who will be using the software can utilise all possibilities for the software to best effect.


A service that never stops when you deal with us. Software without proper support has no right to exist. Our support team is at your service and can even remotely “take over” a certain screen to remedy your problem or answer your query. This saves much time and improves the satisfaction levels when dealing with service calls. If the problem cannot be solved in this way, someone will simply come to your location to sort out the problem.