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What is meant by the terms and expressions used on this website
  1. Playlist
    A collection of content gathered in one list to be played.
  2. Broadcasting
    Content that is transmitted to all users at the same time (such as adverts on TV).
  3. Cache
    A storage place where data can be stored temporarily.
  4. Content
    A collective name for text and visual images.
  5. Client
    Plays the narrow casting content on a display screen
  6. Digital Signage
    Another word for narrow casting. Mostly means the same.
  7. Display
    Another word for the screen, TV or monitor.
  8. Flash (Adobe)
    A programme that is used to develop templates or stencils with a set layout.
  9. Hardware
    Another word for the physical equipment, the ‘tangible’.
  10. HDMI
    A digital connection between a transmitter and a receiver.
  11. Narrow casting
    The transmitting and displaying of information to and on display screens, aimed at a specific target group in a specific location.
  12. Number queue system
    Electronic number issue to help people who are waiting in the correct order.
  13. Off-site
    Away from your venue. The TiC Narrow Casting Manager runs via a server in a large data centre.
  14. On-site
    At your venue. The TiC Narrow Casting Manager is installed on your own server.
  15. Player
    The computer on which the narrow casting content is played.
  16. RSS (Really Simple Syndication)
    Format that allows you to offer the most recent notifications from a website in a standardised manner.
  17. Server
    A powerful computer that manages the communal requirements for a network.
  18. Software
    Programming for a computer.
  19. Streaming
    A technique to play data (often multimedia files) without interruptions before the complete file has been downloaded.
  20. Template
    A template is a standard layout (often in your house style) that makes filling your playlist much more simple and professional.
  21. Tickertape
    This is another word for a scrolling text bar that displays current information at the bottom of your screen using moving text.
  22. User interface
    How a programme looks and works, also used user environment.
  23. VGA
    An analogue connection between a computer and a display screen.
  24. Waiting queue management module
    Software that provides an overview and information about waiting times.