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Even during leisure time, narrow casting proves its value
Today’s sport and culture lovers, theatre, leisure park and sport hall visitors are very screen-aware. Smartphones, laptops and tablets are an indispensable part of our society. As an association or museum, you cannot afford to be left behind, whether you like it or not. Remove the noticeboards, wall signs and paper displays, and let narrow casting provide you with a refreshing and innovative way of communicating and providing information, all in your own house style if preferred.











Entrance gates

Notify people on arrival about which gates are open, whether they are wheelchair accessible, or whether they feature card-only ticket machines for example. Quick, clear, and always up to date. In your own house style, so that even at the entrance, your communication and information are presented in a recognisable and professional way.

Team results

It is always nice to present the results of your teams in their league. TiC Narrow Casting can be linked to websites providing team results and scores and/or your own software for this. With a predetermined interval, all scores and results can be shown on screen. When anything changes, this will be published live immediately. You don’t need to perform any extra actions to make this happen, all input will appear on screens automatically.

Canteen and Restaurant

Is this familiar? In the canteen or restaurant, you will find many paper menus, offers and price lists, often a real mixture, messy and maybe even out of date. From now on, TiC Narrow Casting can solve this problem. All information is easy to see on one or more screens and is always up to date. And you will save a lot of time and money.


Rent out time and space on your screens to advertisers and sponsors. It is a proven effective method to obtain even more return from your narrow casting investments.

Current events

The weather, traffic and the news are always subjects that get discussed extensively. TiC Narrow Casting offers automatic links to among others Weeronline* (weather), de ANWB* (traffic), OV9292* (public transport) and Nu24 (news). This way your visitors can receive up-to-date weather, traffic, public transport or news information.

* paid subscription

Notifications, news and infotainment

The possibilities of TiC Narrow Casting are limitless. From welcoming customers and visitors to providing information for personnel and members. From announcing events to promoting activities. And even publishing photos and videos of team events and open days. The conveying of association policy and decisions and entertaining visitors, you can achieve it all by utilising TiC Narrow Casting. Turn your screens into versatile information and communication providers.

Acute (emergency) situation

We hope that it will never occur, but TiC can also be utilised as a (supplement to) evacuation, escape route plan or warning system. The priority interruption is a direct link to an alternative playlist in the event of an acute (emergency) situation. The current playlist is replaced immediately by the alternative playlist. In this way, TiC Narrow Casting can contribute to the safety inside your venue.

What else can TiC Narrow Casting do?