Narrow casting in care, that is caring

Today’s patient is extremely screen-aware. Smartphones, laptops, and tablets form an integral part of modern society. As a care institution, you can’t afford to be left behind. Remove the red number issuing device, noticeboards, wall signs and paper displays, and let narrow casting provide you with a refreshing and innovative way of communicating and providing information, all in your own house style if preferred.











Number queue system

No one likes to wait, but if you have many visitors like, for instance, at a hospital or pharmacy counter it sometimes cannot be avoided. TiC Narrow Casting combines number issuing and communication. No longer a separate screen with numbers, this is integrated into our narrow casting software. It saves you money and, importantly, it increases the attention value of your communication and takes the edge of the waiting time.

Queue management and waiting time indication

You want to receive varying pieces of information about waiting times within your organisation, to optimise visitor streams and offer them the right type of content. Within TiC Narrow Casting you can integrate a complete queue management system*. The issue of a customer number takes place via a touch kiosk with ticket printer. You can allow your customer to choose the right counter first time (for instance collecting medication). You can also view an extensive log and analysis function and see the numbers that were processed, the average waiting time, the pressure at each counter, the expected outflow from each counter or practitioner etc. etc. In addition, TiC Narrow Casting can, in many cases, be linked to an existing queue management system by Q-Matic (Bavak) and/or JCC Software. This will avoid doubling up on investment.

* At extra charge

Current events

The weather, traffic and the news are always subjects that get discussed extensively. TiC Narrow Casting offers automatic links to among others Weeronline* (weather), de ANWB* (traffic), OV9292* (public transport) and Nu24 (news). This way your patients, visitors and employees can receive up-to-date weather, traffic, public transport or news information.

Canteen / Restaurant

Is this familiar? In the company canteen or restaurant, you will find many paper menus, offers and price lists, often a real mixture, messy and maybe even out of date. From now on, TiC Narrow casting can solve this problem. All information is easy to see on one or more screens and is always up to date. And you will save a lot of time and money.

Notifications, news and infotainment

The possibilities of TiC Narrow Casting are limitless. From welcoming visitors to providing information for personnel and patients. From announcing events to promoting activities. And even publishing photos and videos of personnel events or open days. The conveying of care policy or announcements and entertaining of visitors, you can achieve it all by utilising TiC Narrow Casting. Turn your screens into versatile information and communication providers.

Acute (emergency) situation

We hope that it will never occur, but TiC can also be utilised as a (supplement to) evacuation, escape route plan or warning system. The priority interruption is a direct link to an alternative playlist in the event of an acute (emergency) situation. The current playlist is replaced immediately by the alternative playlist. In this way, TiC Narrow Casting can contribute to the safety inside your care establishment.

What else can TiC Narrow Casting do?