GoBright View has been the upgraded version of TIC Narrow Casting since 2021

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If you like narrow casting, you will learn to use it easily
Today’s students are very screen-aware. As child and teenager, they are already used to dealing with smartphones, laptops and tablets. As an educational establishment, you cannot afford to be left behind, whether you like it or not. Remove the noticeboards, wall signs and paper displays, and let narrow casting provide you with a refreshing and innovative way of communicating and providing information, all in your own house style if preferred.

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Dated and/or surplus timetable information is a thing of the past with TiC Narrow Casting. By linking to your own roster system any actual timetable or classroom changes, as well as absence or sickness notifications, can be automatically and clearly displayed on the screens. We have extensive experience to linking with the most common roster packages such as GpUntis, Zermelo, Paralax, Eduflex, Roosterfact, Gepro and Magister (Schoolmaster).

A significant benefit in this is that TiC Narrow Casting is our own product. We can show your tailor-made requests exactly as you would like them to be shown. In addition, many issues are already standard in our interfaces such as filtering by class, subject, department, primary and secondary learning and showing the following teaching day in a different colour. For making the timetable, you will need nothing else when using TiC Narrow Casting except the decision about when and where the information needs to be shown. The link itself occurs by synchronising the output of the timetable file with the content of the timetable template. This means you won’t have to worry about “yet another package”.

Public transport

Provide your students and employees with current information about departure and arrival times of the nearest train, bus, tram and metro station. In collaboration with OV9292, TiC Narrow Casting offers this service*. The information actualises throughout the day. You only need to plan once, possibly for the whole school year, and TiC Narrow Casting will take care of the rest.

* paid subscription

Assembly hall / Canteen

Is this familiar? In the school assembly hall or canteen, you will find many paper menus, offers and price lists, often a real mixture, messy and maybe even out of date. From now on, TiC Narrow Casting can solve this problem. All information is easy to see on one or more screens and is always up to date. And you will save a lot of time and money.

Notifications, news and infotainment

The possibilities of TiC Narrow Casting are limitless. From welcoming visitors and parents to providing information for students and personnel. From announcing events to promoting after school activities. And even publishing photos and videos of school trips and study trips. Conveying school policy, publishing exam results, and entertaining students or displaying a rain radar image (useful for cyclists), you can achieve it all by utilising TiC Narrow Casting. Turn your screens into versatile information and communication providers.

Acute (emergency) situation

We hope that it will never occur, but TiC can also be utilised as a (supplement to) evacuation, escape route plan or warning system. The priority interruption is a direct link to an alternative playlist in the event of an acute (emergency) situation. The current playlist is replaced immediately by the alternative playlist. In this way, TiC Narrow Casting can contribute to the safety inside your education establishment.

What else can TiC Narrow Casting do?